Culture and Etiquette in Mauritius

It’s complicated to understand social mores in a country where French-inspired cheek kissing mixes with conservative Indian culture, and where many women still bathe in the sea fully-clothed yet the national dance is the hip wiggling, African-inspired séga. But as a multicultural community, Mauritians are tolerant and also used to visitors, so faux pas are unlikely to offend.

The few cultural issues to be aware of revolve around hospitality, religion and cultural conservatism. It pays to remember that Mauritians with Indian heritage form the dominant community, and people may be more traditional than their western clothing implies. It’s polite to accept any food and drink offered, and remember to remove leather shoes and belts and cover up when visiting places of worship. Women can dress in what they like, but we recommend covering up and dressing modestly in public places. Going topless on public beaches will be frowned upon.

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