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Creating dream trips, which are full of exciting moments and a roller coaster of emotions for travelers is what I love the most. Adventure trips, immersive traveling and experiential tours are my work style, inspiring me to become a part of travel industry.

Our tour operator is based in Uzbekistan with local operations all over Central Asia. Uzbekistan is one of the most accessible countries in Central Asia, with plenty of international flights arriving every day. Other countries like Turkmenistan make travels a bit trickier, all the more important to have locals like ourselves to guide you through this maze. Central Asia is perfect to be discovered on multi-country trips, combining several countries at once and our affordability means even spending 3-4 weeks doesn’t have to break the bank. As we have direct contracts with all suppliers, from accommodation over transport to excursions, we’re able to pass very competitive rates on to you.

Our tours are best suited to those wanting to explore beyond the typical tourist route yet have a knowledgeable and English-speaking guide by your side. 

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Who is your local expert?

Think of your Kazakhstan Travel Agent as a friend who lives and works in the country you want to visit.

They know the place inside out - saving you hours of research - and can plan and book a trip that’s 100% tailored to your wishes, and supports local businesses too.

They have excellent relationships with transport companies, hotels, and activity providers - ready to score the best deal for you!

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Unforgettable - and completely customisable - Kazakhstan itineraries

Highlights of Kazakhstan and UzbekistanHighlights of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan - image 1Highlights of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan - image 2
10 days / 1450 USD

Highlights of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Discover the highlights of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan on this compact trip. Explore part of the Uzbek Golden Triangle with Bukhara and Samarkand before heading to the cosmopolitan city of Almaty. The Kazakh capital awaits with plenty of adventures in the surroundings.

Along The Great Silk RoadAlong The Great Silk Road - image 1Along The Great Silk Road - image 2
21 days / 3955 USD

Along The Great Silk Road

Explore all the highlights of Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan await you in this 3 weeks trip. Learn about the history, enjoy breathtaking nature and experience local traditions and culture. It's time to discover the Silk Road with an expert guide!

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