Ecuador // The northern lowlands and coast //

The coast west to Muisne

The expanses of pale sand streaking west of Esmeraldas sustain some of the country’s most popular seaside resorts. During the high season (mid-June to Sept & Dec–Jan), a deluge of vacationers descends from the highlands, but the real crush comes during Carnaval, Semana Santa, Christmas and New Year, when the price of a room – if you can find one – can double. Atacames is the most famous and raucous resort, while others such as Súa and Same offer a more tranquil atmosphere, but can be just as busy at peak times. The beaches break around the dry and rocky headland of the Punta Galera, whose cliffs and secluded coves provide the quietest and most isolated beaches in the region, giving way to mangrove forests around Muisne, one of the remoter seaside resorts of the province. Regular buses travel between Muisne and Esmeraldas.




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