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The village of POSADAS is a loosely grouped assemblage of modern houses, and is listed on some maps as Hipólito Yrigoyen (or even, confusingly, as Lago Posadas), but locals use the old name of Posadas.

The village can used as a base for visiting the turquoise Lago Posadas, and the stunning lapis lazuli Lago Pueyrredón, set among splendid landscapes and famed for their fishing. The lakes are separated by the narrowest of strips of land, the arrow-straight La Península, which looks for all the world like a man-made causeway. It was actually formed during a static phase of the last Ice Age, when an otherwise retreating glacier left an intermediate dump of moraine, now covered by sand dunes, which cut shallow Lago Posadas off from its grander neighbour. Most places of interest around the lakes are accessible only to those with their own vehicle.

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