Argentina // The Litoral and the Gran Chaco //

Up the Río Paraná: Rosario to Corrientes

The mighty Río Paraná is an attraction in itself, with its lush islands, delicious fish and relaxing aquatic landscapes. Anyone looking for urban pleasures should head for Rosario, the country’s third-largest city, whose famously handsome people, active cultural life and fascinating architecture make it one of Argentina’s most attractive cities. Nearby Santa Fe, the much-overshadowed provincial capital, is at first sight less enticing, but its faded grandeur and revived dock area merit a stopover. Opposite, the dynamic city of Paraná shares not only its name with the river, but also its slow pace and a certain subtropical beauty. To the south, since it was linked to Rosario by a splendid bridge, the traditional town of Victoria, famous for its monastery, has been opening itself up to tourism. Some way to the north is the provincial capital of Corrientes, named for the strong currents in a sweeping loop of the Paraná. One of the region’s oldest and most dynamic cities, it is also the gateway to the Gran Chaco.

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