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Junín de los Andes

Set in a dry, hilly area of the steppe at the foot of the Andes to the northeast of San Martín, JUNÍN DE LOS ANDES is aptly named – Junín means “grassland” in the Aymara language. It’s a relaxed town popular with fishermen, largely owing to the rivers in the region that teem with trout. Though not as aesthetically attractive as its bigger neighbour, San Martín de los Andes, Junín lacks the trappings of a tourist town and the high prices that generally accompany them. It is also better placed for making trips to the central sector of Parque Nacional Lanín, especially if you plan to climb Volcán Lanín itself, or to explore the Lago Huechulafquen area. A good time to visit is mid-February, when the Fiesta del Puestero, with gaucho events, folklore music in the evenings, artesanía and asados, takes place.

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