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Pinamar merges seamlessly with Ostende, Valeria del Mar and finally CARILÓ, the area’s most exclusive resort. While Ostende and Valeria del Mar are effectively quieter suburbs of Pinamar, Cariló has more of a separate personality, a fact made clear as Calle Bathurst, the paved main street of Valeria del Mar, abruptly turns to a sand track with a sign announcing the entrance to Cariló’s exclusive “parque” on Calle Divisadero. An idyllic pine forest dotted with luxury hotels, spas and designer shops, this is where Argentina’s rich and powerful come to get pampered, hidden away from the rest of society. While aparthotels and rental homes maintain a tasteful distance from each other, and development in the village is controlled by tight laws, the amount of new construction spiralled in the new millennium – too fast for some locals – and you’re still likely to hear the distant hubbub of building work among the tweeting birds. Cariló nevertheless remains a tranquil place, albeit one significantly more expensive than other resorts nearby. If you can afford it, and don’t mind the often snooty attitude of some of its regulars, its varied and thick vegetation, quiet, sandy streets and gourmet restaurants can make it a very agreeable destination.

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