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Kluane Country

Kluane Country is the pocket of southwest Yukon on and around a scenically stunning 491km stretch of the Alaska Highway from Whitehorse to Beaver Creek at the border with Alaska. Kluane (pronounced ‘Clue-ah-nee’) comes from a Southern Tutchone Aboriginal word meaning a “place of many fish”. Indeed, the area teems with fish, particularly at Kluane Lake, the Yukon’s highest and largest stretch of water. Today the name is associated more with the all-but-impenetrable wilderness of Kluane National Park, a region containing the country’s highest mountains, vast icefields and the greatest diversity of plant and animal species in the far North. The park’s main centre is Haines Junction, at the intersection of the Alaska Highway and the Haines Road. Although motels and campsites dot the Alaska Highway, the only other settlements of any size are Destruction Bay and Burwash Landing on Kluane Lake. Alaska/Yukon Trails as well as Alaska Direct buses ply the length of the Alaska Highway.

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