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Top of the World Highway

When they’re not shrouded by mid-morning fog (beautiful as well), the broad vistas you can snatch from the Top of the World Highway (Hwy-9), a summer-only gravel road, are spectacular. If you’re hiking, venture across the Yukon River via the George Black ferry from Front Street (mid-May to mid-Sept daily 24hr; rest of year 7am–11pm, depending on whether the river is frozen; free; t 867 993 5441) and pick up the trail. After 5km the road reaches a great panorama over the area and after 14km another viewpoint looks out over the Yukon Valley and the Ogilvie Mountains straddling the Arctic Circle; in late summer, many people pile out of their cars around here to pick wild blueberries. The road continues above the tree line as a massive belvedere and can be seen switchbacking over barren ridges into the distance. It hits the Alaska border 108km from Dawson, where you can cross only when the customs post is open (mid-May to mid-Sept 9am–9pm). Be prepared to do only about 50km/hr, and ask at the Dawson tourist office about local difficulties and fuel availability. Set your clocks back one hour when entering Alaska.

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