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The outport of TWILLINGATE is one of the largest towns in northern Newfoundland, with over three thousand inhabitants and a rich history that goes back to the 1700s. Twillingate Island became the year-round headquarters of Poole-based merchant John Slade in 1750, after several decades of use by itinerant French fishermen, who gave the place its original name, “Toulinguet”, from an island back home in Brittany. Though it remains an old fishing village at heart, it’s far more developed than Fogo Island – several boat operators compete for tours of frolicking whales in summer and parades of towering icebergs in the spring. If you visit the town in September, you’ll be able to go berry-picking; thousands of bakeapples (cloudberries), partridgeberries and blueberries smother the slopes around the town.

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