Turkey // North Central Anatolia //

The rock tombs

The massive tombs of the Pontic kings are carved into the cliff-face on the northern bank of the Yeşilırmak – there’s little to see bar the holes, although the city views from here are absolutely spellbinding. Note that the paths can be a little slippery, and not all have fences to guard against falls; as well as bringing decent footwear, in summer you’re advised to visit in the evening, when the cliffside is in welcome shadow.

There are two main clusters of tombs. Where the path splits above the entrance, bearing left will bring you to two large tombs; beside the entrance to one of them is the mouth of a tunnel, thought to lead to the river. Bearing right instead, then passing the café, will bring you to a less accessible group slightly sullied by graffitied love declarations. More tombs can be found with a bit of effort – there is a total of eighteen throughout the valle

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