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Strömsund and routes north

Around 7.15am every morning between June and August (exact times at grandnordic.se), the Inlandsbanan sets out from Östersund on its fifteen-hour journey to Gällivare, north of the Arctic Circle. Just outside Östersund, the train crosses the Indalsälven River, one of Sweden’s greatest natural sources of power, the first sure sign that civilization is slowly being left behind and only the wilds of nature lie ahead. Indeed, it’s a good hour and a half before the train makes the first stop of any significance: Ulriksfors, the wayside halt for the small waterside town of Strömsund, which is the starting point for Route 342, the Wilderness Way (Vildmarksvägen), a circular road looping out towards the Norwegian border. The route passes through stunning scenery more than worthy of its name, rejoining the main Inlandsvägen in Vilhelmina which, in turn, is directly linked to Strömsund via the appealing little town of Dorotea.

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