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The next major stop on the Inlandsbanan north of Storuman (also served by bus from Storuman) is SORSELE, 76km away – a pint-sized, quiet little town on the Vindelälven River. The town became a cause célèbre among conservationists in Sweden when activists forced the government to abandon its plans to build a hydroelectric power station, which would have regulated the river’s flow. Consequently, the Vindelälven remains in its natural state today – seething with rapids – and is one of only four rivers in the country that hasn’t been tampered with in some way or other.

The big event here is the Vindelälvsdraget, a 400km, four-day dog-sled race from Ammarnäs to Vännäsby held in the third week of March. Sorsele is an ideal base for fly-fishing: the Vindelälven and the other local river, Laisälven, are teeming with grayling and brown trout, and there are a number of local lakes stocked with char. Ask at the tourist offices for details.

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