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Around Arvidsjaur: Båtsuoj Sámi Center

Seventy kilometres west of Arvidsjaur, in the village of GASA, the Båtsuoj Sámi Center is a good place to get to grips with the everyday life of the Sámi. Here, you’ll not only come face to face with reindeer (båtsuoj in Sámi) but also meet real reindeer herders, who’ll teach you about their religion and way of life, including the way to milk a reindeer and the tricks of baking their traditional bread; frozen reindeer meat is also available for purchase.

A short visit to Båtsuoj of around an hour or so includes a chance to taste dried reindeer meat sitting around the fire in a kåta; a longer half-day trip includes dinner of reindeer cooked over an open fire as well as information about the Sámi way of life; you can stay overnight for an extra 350kr per person. The centre also arranges all-day cloudberry-picking and medicinal herb-gathering expeditions (Aug; 700kr); the rare cloudberries grow in the most inaccessible of northern Sweden’s marshlands – hence the hefty price.

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