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El Valle de Jerte

Immediately north of La Vera, the main Plasencia–Ávila road follows the valley of the Río Jerte (from the Greek Xerte, meaning “joyful”) to the pass of Puerto de Tornavacas, the boundary with Ávila province. The villages here are more developed than those of La Vera but the valley itself is stunning and renowned for its orchards of cherry trees, which for a ten-day period in spring cover the slopes with white blossom. If you’re anywhere in the area at this time, it’s a beautiful spectacle.

If you have transport, you can follow a minor route across the sierra to the north of the valley from Cabezuela del Valle to Hervás, following the highest road in Extremadura, which rises to 1430m.

On the southern side of the valley, the main point of interest is the Puerto del Piornal pass, just behind the village of the same name. The best approach is via the villages of Casas del Castañar and Cabrero. Once at the pass you can continue over to Garganta La Olla in La Vera.

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