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The Glasgow Science Centre

On the south bank of the river, linked to the SECC by pedestrian Bell’s Bridge, are the three space age, titanium-clad constructions which make up the Glasgow Science Centre. Of the three buildings, the largest is the curvaceous, wedge-shaped Science Mall. Behind the vast glass wall facing the river, four floors of interactive exhibits range from lift-your-own-weight pulleys to thermograms. The centre covers almost every aspect of science, from simple optical illusions to cutting-edge computer technology, including a section on moral and environmental issues – all good fun, although weekends and school holidays are a scrum. Meanwhile, a bubble-like IMAX theatre shows science- and nature-based documentaries, while the 416ft-high Glasgow Tower, built with an aerofoil-like construction to allow it to rotate to face into the prevailing wind, has a viewing tower offering panoramic vistas of central Glasgow.

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