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Borre’s Viking burial mounds

A short distance north of Åsgårdstrand, 4km south of Horten and about 14km north of Tønsberg. BORRE is a scattered hamlet that boasts one of the largest ensembles of extant Viking burial mounds (600–900 AD) in all of Scandinavia, the Borrehaugene. There are seven large and 21 small mounds in total, with the best preserved being clustered together in the woods by the water’s edge, a five-minute walk from the car park. These grassy bumps date from the seventh to the tenth century, when Borre was a royal burial ground and one of the wealthiest districts in southern Norway. The mounds are interesting in themselves but the setting is even better – in springtime wild flowers carpet the woods making this a perfect spot for a picnic. The area has been designated a national park and a visitor centre, the Midgard Historisk Senter (Midgard Historical Centre) stands beside the car park, though there’s precious little actually in it – save yourself the entrance fee.

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