Ireland // Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon //

Castlebaldwin and Carrowkeel Cemetery

From Castlebaldwin, on the N4, minor roads of diminishing width and reliability lead towards the Bronze Age Carrowkeel Cemetery. The last kilometre or so has to be negotiated on foot, but your efforts will be rewarded by a spellbinding panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Here on the uplands of the Bricklieve Mountains is a remarkable collection of fourteen cairns, plus an assortment of other stonework. Excavation in 1911 produced a wealth of jewellery and relics, and several of the cairns, consisting of roofed, cruciform passage graves, can be entered. The most striking is cairn K, which, in complete contrast to County Meath’s Newgrange, is illuminated by the sun’s rays during the summer solstice (June 21).

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