Ireland // Louth, Monaghan and Cavan //

Monaghan town and around

All the elements of post-Plantation urban planning are well to the fore in MONAGHAN town, which derived its prosperity from the linen industry and was long the base of a British garrison. To gain some understanding of the area’s development, the best starting-point is the Monaghan County Museum, just up Hill Street, which recounts local history through a varied selection of displays and interactive touch-screens, and features archeological finds, traditional crafts, railway memorabilia and an assortment of paintings, prints and photographs. The most exceptional exhibit is the Cross of Clogher, a glorious, finely worked silver cross dating from the early fifteenth century. The museum also hosts a changing programme of temporary exhibitions. Just downhill from here on Market Street is the late eighteenth-century Market House, a charming, arched limestone edifice whose exterior is embellished with exquisite carvings of oak apples and leaves, which hosts occasional arts and literary events.

County Monaghan’s other areas of interest are scattered around and about: Inniskeen in the southeast and, in the north and west respectively, Glaslough and Clones.

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