Albania // Around Tirana //


Sitting atop a 10km stretch of Adriatic beach, the port city of Durrësi is the easiest escape route for sea-seeking Tiranese, and on summer weekends there are few better places to party. There may be far nicer beaches down south, but this one is still pretty fun.

Known as Dyrrhachium, the city was already an important port in Roman times, and served as a launchpad for fifth-century Visigoth attacks on Italy; it also served as Albania’s capital for a short time after independence. Evidence survives from the city’s Roman heyday: a forum and amphitheatre sit just off opposite ends of the main square, Sheshi i Lirisë, with the latter the largest such construction in the Balkans. In between stands an elegant mosque. You can then either follow the old castle wall or cobblestoned Tregëtare downhill to the seafront promenade; a ten-minute stroll will bring you to the enjoyable Archeological Museum.

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