Getting around Albania: Transportation Tips

Getting from A to B can be a little tricky in Albania – it’s best to be flexible, exercise patience, and to treat travel information as a guideline rather than gospel.

Most travel is conducted by bus; the vehicles are usually fine, fares are cheap, and the roads are being improved. However, the authorities have so far steadfastly refused to build any official bus stations – fine in smaller towns, but a nightmare in a city as large as Tirana where matters are utterly confusing. Buses are sometimes supplemented by minibuses known as furgons, which are technically illegal, especially in big cities, though some still run undeterred; they tend not to depart until full and will often roam around town until they have enough passengers.

There are no international train connections to Albania, but the country has a small rail network. As part of ongoing construction projects in the north of the city, Tirana’s main train station has been demolished and relocated to the small town of Kashar near the airport. From here a limited service runs to a few destinations across the country.

Andy Turner

written by
Andy Turner

updated 26.04.2021

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