Belize // The cayes and atolls //

Lighthouse Reef and the Blue Hole

About 80km east of Belize City is Belize’s outermost atoll, Lighthouse Reef, home to the popular underwater attractions of the Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye Natural Monument.

The Blue Hole, technically a karst-eroded sinkhole, is over 300m in diameter and 135m deep, dropping through the bottom of the lagoon and opening out into a complex network of caves and crevices; its depth gives it an astonishing deep-blue colour that is, unfortunately, best appreciated from the air. Though visibility is generally limited, many divers still find the trip worthwhile for the drop-offs and underwater caves, which include stalactites and stalagmites. Unfortunately for budget travellers, trips to the Blue Hole – which must be led by a licensed guide or company – usually cost at least US$200.

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