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Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

The first forest reserve in the state, the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre was set aside by Vyner Brooke in 1920. Today it’s a sort of open zoo in a surviving pocket of forest, where tourists flock to watch orang-utans being fed fruit by rangers, who have names for all of them. How many you’re likely to see will depend on the time of year – when wild fruits are in season, fewer orang-utans emerge from the forest to seek out the rangers.

Most of the action takes place at a clearing, with seating close by, reached by a short jungle trail from the car park. Don’t be surprised if you see the critters roaming around the car park itself – and give them a wide berth if you do. Look out also for orang-utan nests, which they build in the treetops using clumps of leaves and branches, for sleeping.

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