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Gunung Penrissen

The most accessible mountain on the Sarawak/Kalimantan border, the spectacular 1300-metre-high GUNUNG PENRISSEN stands 5km west of Annah Rais. The Penrissen hike involves tough walking along narrow paths and crossing fast-flowing streams that descend from the source of the Sarawak River; vertical ladders help on the last section. As the trails aren’t easy to follow, you must hire a guide. Some hikers opt to come with a Kuching-based tour operator (most don’t advertise Penrissen but can arrange trips); some contact the Tourist Guide Association; and others try to find guides in Annah Rais. The last is a good option if you have your own car (there’s no public transport), but don’t just drive up and expect a guide to be available; contact Edward (t016 871 1957), one of the residents, in advance for help.

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