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Ethiopia //

Harar and the east

Flanked by the arid Rift Valley to the north and Somali badlands to the southeast, Ethiopia’s bountiful eastern highlands are famed for their production of high-quality coffee, khat and other foodstuffs. Historically, the region’s most important settlement is the Islamic citadel of Harar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for the architectural and cultural integrity of its walled old town, as well as the legendary “hyena men” who operate on its outskirts. Over the course of the twentieth century, Harar was superseded in size and economic significance by Dire Dawa, a lower-lying and somewhat hotter city serviced by the region’s main airport and railway station. Most travellers fly in or take a bus directly to Dire Dawa to Harar, but those with private transport can break up the journey at Awash National Park, whose memorable volcanic landscapes still support fair numbers of big game.

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