Ain el-Furtaga 16km from Nuweiba by road. A palm-filled oasis at the crossroads of trails to the Coloured Canyon, Wadi Ghazala and Ain Khudra Oasis.
Ain Khudra Oasis One of Sinai’s loveliest oases, reached by hiking from the St Catherine’s road, with help from local Bedouin guides, or from the south by 4WD.
Ain Kid Oasis A red-walled canyon 14km off the road between Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab (reached via Wadi Kid). A spring appears here in rainy years, while the oasis has a freshwater well.
Ain Umm Ahmed Another beautiful oasis, accessible by 4WD or camel from Bir es-Sawa and a possible base for climbing expeditions to Ras el-Qalb.
Arched Canyon Sinuous gorge accessible only on foot; drop-off and pick-up by 4WD from Ain el-Furtaga or Bir es-Sawa.
Bir es-Sawa Small oasis with a spring issuing from a cave, beside the El-Thammed road.
Blue Valley 12km from St Catherine’s. A canyon painted blue by a Belgian artist in 1978.
Coloured Canyon 17km north of Ain el-Furtaga. Two rainbow-hued canyons, great for walking or rock-climbing (no water). One of the most popular day-trips from Nuweiba and Dahab.
El-Haduda The biggest sand dune in the eastern Sinai, reached from Sheikh Hamid.
Feiran Oasis Over twelve thousand palm trees, monastic remains and access to Jebel Serbal. The wadi in which the oasis is situated may have been the route taken by the Israelites to reach Mount Sinai.
Forest of Pillars A unique natural phenomenon of petrified tree stumps on the cliffs of Jebel el-Tih, 15km northeast of Serabit el-Khadim. Access by 4WD or camel only; guide essential.
Jebel Sabah A 2266m peak in the southern Sinai, from which Saudi Arabia and mainland Egypt are visible on clear days. For experienced hikers only, with abundant food and water. Permit required.
Jebel Serbal Near Feiran Oasis, this is one of the loveliest mountains in Sinai, with ruined chapels lining the trail to the summit (2070m). No climbing skills needed, but guide and permit required.
Jebel Um Shaumar Sinai’s second-highest peak, whose summit (2586m) affords a view of the entire southern horn of the peninsula. Experienced climbers only. Permit required.
Nuwamis Prehistoric site with 5550-year-old graves and inscriptions 6km from Ain Khudra. Reached on foot (2hr 30min) from Sheikh Hamid, by appointment only.
Ras el-Qalb Isolated mountain (999m) associated in Bedouin folklore with the monster Ula. For climbers only; no water. Permit required.
Serabit el-Khadim Hilltop temple overlooking the Gulf of Suez, with ancient turquoise mines and inscriptions in the surrounding valleys; it’s covered. Access by 4WD, then on foot.
Sheikh Hamid Bedouin settlement on the road to St Catherine’s, 7km from the Dahab–Nuweiba road. This is the starting point for walking or camel treks to Ain Khudra, Nuwamis, El-Haduda and remoter destinations (up to two weeks).
Wadi Ghazala Links Ain el-Furtaga and Ain Khudra Oasis. Acacia groves, dunes and gazelles.
Wadi Huweiyit North of Nuweiba. Colourful canyon with typical desert flora; easy hiking.
Wadi Mandar 40km north of Sharm el-Sheikh. Bedouin camel races held here on January 1.
Wadi Naseb Runs down from Mount Catherine towards Dahab. The verdant upper reaches of the wadi are inhabited by Bedouin. 4WD essential.

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