Egypt // The Canal Zone //

Al Corniche and the port

An imposing statue of the pharaoh Tuthmosis III stands at the western end of Al Corniche street, which overlooks the Bay of Suez; meanwhile, on either side of the road at the eastern entrance, you’ll see statues of two tigers growling and crouching as if ready to pounce. Signifying strength, they were built to guide ships through the canal. Similar tiger statues, destroyed by the Israelis in the 1967 war, originally stood on either side of the Canal’s entrance.

The premier Suez activity is, of course, to take a trip to the port area to look at the enormous freighters and supertankers on the Canal. Don’t be tempted to take photographs, however; it’s illegal, and there are security officers stationed in the area. In the spring, migratory birds of prey (including Griffon vultures and eagles) make an arresting sight.

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