The best places to visit in 2014 – as voted by you

written by Lottie Gross
updated 7/23/2021
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The top countries

1. Chile

A thin sliver of land on the western edge of the South American continent, Chile offers a wealth of landscapes to explore. This country stretches across the Andes mountain range, to the Atacama Desert, and boasts 4000km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Caro Bohets says on Facebook that the colourful houses of Valparaíso are a must-see.

Atacama Desert, Chile © Vaclav Sebek/Shutterstock

2. Malaysia

Boasting a rich cultural heritage, a huge variety of annual festivals, wonderful world cuisines, and an astonishing natural beauty, Malaysia can cast spells over anyone. On Twitter, @hannahGlodge says it’s great for winter sun, and on Facebook Ahimsa Kerp describes it as “chilled out, with gorgeous sunsets and so many great day trips”.

Perhentian Kecil Island, Terengganu, Malaysia © Ruzaini Haron/Shutterstock

3. Slovenia

This tiny country is getting a lot of love from Rough Guides readers this year: @bryonyAR says it’s “one of the most surprising and beautiful places on Earth” while others noted its wonderfully diverse terrain. Laura Kingsley on Facebook said: “I still can’t get over how beautiful that country is”.

Lake Bled, Slovenia © Alberto Loyo/Shutterstock

4. Wales

Packing plenty of physical beauty into such a small mass of land, Wales boasts some great mountain ranges, lush valleys, a ragged coastline and ancient castles. On Facebook, you said the Brecon Beacons and Cambrian Mountains are undisturbed and easily accessible – and are great value compared to other rural areas.

© Matt Gibson/Shutterstock

5. Pakistan

Sandwiched between ever-popular India and troubled Afghanistan, Pakistan has some beautiful yet fairly untouched scenery. Be sure to check government travel advice before booking a trip.

View on the new silk road or Karakoram highway, This highway is the friendship project offered by China © khlongwangchao/Shutterstock

The top cities

1. Berlin

November 2014 sees 25 years since the Berlin wall fell so there’ll be plenty of celebrations across the city. On Facebook, Diewertje Janssens described Berlin as “a city where everybody can feel at home” and according to Laura Kingsley, the nightlife is insane.

Aerial view of Berlin cityline with TV tower, Germany © canadastock/Shutterstock

2. Rome

You could spend a month in this ancient city, packed with the relics of over two thousand years of inhabitation, and only scratch the surface. Rome's fascinating history, charismatic people and delicious food make it an ever-exciting destination.

Forum Romanum, Rome © Rudy Blasko/Shutterstock

3. Tallinn

A compact and buzzing capital, great for an inexpensive weekend getaway for Europeans, Tallinn has been shaped by nearly a millennium of outside influence from Germany to Russia. On Facebook, Katia van Bommel said the medieval city centre is stunning.

© ESB Professional/Shutterstock

4. Budapest

One fifth of Hungary’s population live in Budapest and it’s obvious why: it is the political, cultural and commercial capital of the country, with hip cafes and bars, and the stunning historic Belváros (old town). As Neils Logister put it on Facebook, Budapest is “the beauty of Eastern Europe”.

Budapest Liberty bridge © Shutterstock

5. Valparaíso

Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, once said “Valparaíso es un montón, un racimo de casas locas” (Valparaíso is a heap, a bunch of crazy houses). It’s true, and spread over an amphitheatre of hills encircling a wide bay, Valparaíso is the most intriguing and distinctive city in Chile.

Valparaiso, colorful house in Chile © f11/Shutterstock

The best-value destinations

1. Nepal

This small country offers big-time fun for the budget traveller. As our readers pointed out, the national parks are cheap to enter, the trekking is spectacular and those mountain-top views don’t come with a price tag.

Gorak Shep village with prayer flags, way to Kala Patthar and Mount Everest base camp, Khumbu valley, Nepal © Daniel Prudek/Shutterstock

2. Fez

The oldest of Morocco’s four imperial capitals and the most complete medieval city of the Arab world, Fez awakens all the senses – including that sense for a bargain. On Twitter, @nomad_max says “it’s affordable, historic and overall, a true Moroccan experience”.

Fez, Morocco © Shutterstock

3. Iran

Excellent hospitality, delicious food and warm-hearted people are the reasons why Soheil Sarmadi says he loves Iran on Facebook, and the low prices are just a happy coincidence. It’s possible to have an all-you-can-eat buffet here, with drinks, tea and live entertainment included, for less than £9 ($14).

Persepolis (Old Persian: Pārsa) was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire © MORTEZA YOUSEFI/Shutterstock

4. Nashville

Amid the gentle hills and farmlands of Tennessee, Nashville attracts millions of visitors each year. Twitterer @jojotte_ describes it as “inexpensively awesome” thanks to the cheap hostels, bargain beer and free concerts.

Skyline of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, USA © ESB Professional/Shutterstock

5. Central Asia

This rather untouched corner of the world is becoming increasingly popular among the more intrepid traveller. Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan all got votes from our readers on Facebook, and with such good skiing in the winter and excellent trekking in the summer, it’s unsurprising.

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written by Lottie Gross
updated 7/23/2021
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