For one night only Airbnb are offering the chance for a daring traveller and their companion to sleep in the home of Bram Stoker's Dracula – or so they say.

Bran Castle – all ramparts and towers – sits on precipice surrounded by impressive mountains in Transylvania, Romania, just like the castle described as belonging to the vampire in Bram Stoker's novel. However, links between fictional Dracula and the castle are somewhat tenuous, as Stoker is said to have never visited Romania.

Romania, Transylvania, Bran, Bran Castle

Whether or not it might have once been home to a fang-toothed blood-sucker, though, a stay in Bran Castle is still bound to make your hair stand on end. Its interior is all wooden beams, creaking floorboards and elaborately carved four-poster beds, and outside wolves roam throughout the mountains.

If you're brave enough to try it out, take note of the house rules before you apply: no garlic, no silver jewellery, don't cross your cutlery and know that "the count is not a fan of mirror selfies".

Romania, Bran Castle, furnished room