You’ve dug a moat, successfully sculpted a mound higher than your knees and managed to drizzle a viscous mixture of sand and salt water over the château spires (for that drippy je ne sais quoi) – then some rogue child bulldozes your beach creation back to oblivion. Well, it was never as good as it could have been, because you didn’t have a professional Sandcastle Butler to help you.

Bespoke Sandcastle Butlers are here to help you build the sandcastle of your dreams.

This is no joke. Oliver’s Travels, a family travel company that prides itself on the quirky, exquisite and extraordinary, is currently training the world’s first fleet of “Beach Butlers” to help families transform loose sand into their wildest dreams.

From securing a premium plot of shoreline, to concocting the perfect water-to-sand ratio, this new breed of VIP concierge will be grand masters in the art of sand-sculpting. No construction is too extreme. They’ll help you brainstorm, draft actual blueprints, find the right spot, and create something with a structural integrity you can be proud of along the beaches of the UKSpainFranceItaly and Greece.

Bespoke Sandcastle Butlers are here to help you build the sandcastle of your dreams.

Of course, this bespoke service does come at a cost. Prices are listed at £500 for a full day, and £300 for a half. Thankfully, Beach Butlers will also be fully trained in childcare before receiving their artisanal qualifications, so you don’t have to worry about them subjecting your youngsters to the same rigorous training that they’re probably undergoing right now.

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