In another update on China's record-breaking bridge over the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon – which we're promised is "almost finished" – new photographs have emerged of the near-complete construction. But they don't exactly inspire confidence in any prospective visitors...

This enormous feat in engineering will be the world's longest glass-bottom bridge at 430m-long, and the highest of its kind, sitting 300m above the floor of the canyon. The 5cm-thick glass panels have all finally been inserted, and here you can see architect Haim Dotan looking less than zen sitting on his own creation (we wonder if he was thinking about the time a glass walkway on Yuntai Mountain cracked beneath tourists' feet):

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Tourism Management Co – Haim DotanImage courtesy of Haim Dotan

No need to be nervous though, Haim, as the bridge will be able to hold up to 800 people at one time, and will eventually host fashion shows and a bungee jump. The views are bound to be spectacular, too, as evidenced by these excellent shots below:

DCIM102MEDIADJI_0873.JPGImage courtesy of Haim Dotan

DCIM102MEDIADJI_0871.JPGImage courtesy of Haim Dotan

The Chinese are trumping their own work on this new bridge, as their last glass-bottom construction was also a record-breaker (and thankfully that's the only thing that was broken).

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