Scotland is undeniably beautiful. From famous landscapes like Glen Coe and Loch Ness to unheard of islands scattered off the far reaches of the Highlands, there are stunning vistas at every turn. Our readers even voted Scotland the most beautiful country in the world.

After a few weeks driving the North Coast 500, co-author of the Rough Guide to Scotland Greg Dickinson shares why it's the perfect road-trip destination.

1. For nature

"The main reason to go on a road trip around Scotland is to get back to nature. These are some of Britain's most epic landscapes."

2. For wild camping

"You can camp wherever you want, and just fall asleep there, looking at the stars." Remember to leave no trace behind you and be responsible when lighting fires.

3. For whisky, beer and food

"Obviously Scotland is known for its whisky, and particularly in the highlands this is real whisky country, but recently there have been loads of really high-quality microbreweries opening up."

4. For the islands

"There are 790 islands off Scotland, and around 60 or 70 or so are inhabited; you can get a boat out to one of these and explore."

5. For the incredible beaches

"The beaches are compared to the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. They live up to all of the hype – and are often completely deserted."

Inspired? Remember, you should always travel responsibly and sustainably. Find out all you need to know with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

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