During a trip to Keukenhof in the Netherlands, travel photographer Nori Jemil captured Holland's tulip season through her lens and the results are beautiful. Here are 22 stunning images from the region's striking tulip fields.

Every spring the bulb fields of Holland’s Bollenstreek region flower in perfumed stripes as visitors flock to Keukenhof, the world-famous spring garden that’s home to seven million blooms. Situated between Leiden and the medieval city of Haarlem, this flower strip has the perfect climate and sandy soil for bulbs to flourish.

Tulip heads, Holland, Netherlands

Keukenhof windmill, the Netherlands

Keukenhof Gardens, the Netherlands

Morning rain on tulip heads opening, Netherlands

Tulip fields Holland, the Netherlands

Haarlem, the Netherlands, Europe

Single tulip head with dew, Holland

Yellow and pink flowers, Tulip fields in Holland

Close by in Aalsmeer is the world’s largest flower auction, which sells up to 21 million cut flowers per day. It’s a worldwide, billion Euro industry, and the frenetic pace of the auction reflects it as flowers are delivered at high speed on forklifts for bidding. Visitors can watch and photograph the action from a raised walkway.

Royal Holland auction, The Netherlands

Tulip mania, Tulips at Royal Holland auction house

Tulip mania, Tulips at Royal Holland auction house

Red stripes of tulips in Holland, tulip fields

White and yellow tulips, Holland

Originally found on the Eurasian Steppe, Ottoman traders transported tulips to Istanbul where they became an instant hit with successive sultans. Many centuries later, the first bulbs arrived in the Netherlands in the 1560s, packed amongst a shipment of Turkish cloth. So strange and unfamiliar were these bulbs that the first Dutch recipient decided to roast and eat these ‘Turkish onions’ with vinegar and oil. It was only later, when he planted his remaining ‘onions’ as a valuable food crop, that he witnessed the incipient colourful buds with immense disappointment.

Onions and tulips, The Netherlands

During the Dutch Golden Age, botanists began cultivating different varieties, and the next stage of the tulip’s history became Holland’s. Bulbs began changing hands for huge sums, and houses and mills were even exchanged. Tulip mania had taken hold, reaching its peak in the mid seventeenth century before crashing spectacularly when prices plummeted, along with traders’ fortunes.

Tulips in a florist in the Netherlands, Holland tulip mania

Today the Dutch passion for tulips continues at a gentler pace. For visitors, experiencing ribbons of colour layered over the landscape, balanced with the gently perfumed breeze while cycling through the fields and dunes to sea, is definitely the best way to see them.

Woman making flower garland, Netherlands

Keukenhof Golden Age Girl, tulips

White stripes of tulips Holland, The Netherlands

Tulip fields Holland, the Netherlands

Beautiful Tulip fields in Holland

Tulip fields, Holland, the Netherlands

Stripes of tulips, Holland

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