eDreams logoWe asked if you fancied seeing your travel images in our forthcoming photobook You Are Here. And it's fair to say the answer was a cacophonous "yes". It didn't take long for our inbox to be filled to the brim with more than 5000 submissions.

We enlisted some expert assistance to help us whittle them down – including the legend that is Martin Parr and Benji Lanyado of Picfair – and, after much wrangling, we came to this: the 35-strong You Are Here shortlist. As we gear up to reveal the winners this week, we take a look back at the top shots.

Winners announced

The winners have been revealed! Find out who made the top three.

Annapurna Mellor

Birds fly over boat

Marc Ehrenbold

 Al Lapkovsky

Car and palm trees

Adam McDonald

Young people play basketball in the evening sun

Pranab Basak

Somenath Mukhopadhyay

Javier Blanco

Building block by night

Paul Vasaris Ruksa

Men sit before mountain in South America

Annapurna Mellor

Children look out of train window

Debdatta Chakraborty

Ashleigh Benton

Shadow of men playing bagpipes in Scotland

Freya Cardiff

Snorkeller in clear blue sea

Balram Tiwari

Men chat before the sunset

Bob Berry

A nun walks in the shadows of the Vatican, Rome

Milla Muginova

Woman in phone box

Solly Levi

Deba Prasad Roy

George Turner

Cheetah peers through the rain in the Serengeti

Dominic Burdon

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Sharon Kynaston

Danielle Lancaster

Whale fin rises before skyline

Jenny Downing

Nimai Chandra Ghosh

Joe Almond

People sit along the seafront

Shaun Yardley

Manuel Guerra

Basketball game at Pier 2

Nazleen Karim

Man ordering street food

Gavin Burnett

Elderly lady smoking Cuba cigars

Piers McEwan

Man jump starting car in the snow

Joe Almond

James Hackland

Man looks across skyline

Sara Stromberg

Conversation across a market stall

Geoff Moen

Red Gate Shrine, Kyoto

Yakov Pavlov

Somenath Mukhopadhyay