Drone videos dominated the news last year. Capturing the world from above is the latest travel craze – and the results can be spectacular. But with more and more drones in the skies, laws are justifiably being tightened. Before drones are banished for good, we’ve rounded up our favourite bits of aerial footage. Here are five of the best drone videos:

Burning Man

Nevada’s Burning Man remains the coolest festival on the global calendar. The annual party sees an entire city built in the Black Rock Desert with revellers packing RVs with everything they need for the week-long extravaganza. This drone clip shows the sprawling festival in all its glory.


Ever wondered what it might be like to peek over the edge of Niagara Falls? Now, thanks to one enterprising YouTube user and his quad-copter, you can get an idea. This mesmerising footage captures the falls from above – a view not one of the thirteen million annual visitors who make the pilgrimage here are able to see.

Into a volcano

The Pacific island of Vanuatu isn’t all paradise. It’s also home to the Yasur volcano, filmed here by Shaun O'Callaghan. Not many filmmakers would be willing to test their kit against a shower of molten rock and billowing clouds of toxic gas, but remarkably his drone makes it out unscathed.

NYC from above

From the imposing skyline to the neon jungle of Times Square, there are few parts of New York that haven’t been captured on film from the ground. This clip takes a different approach, using a DJI Phantom and a GoPro to get a bird’s eye view of the classic Big Apple sights: look out for 5th Avenue, Central Park, Times Square and more.


Don’t try this one at home. A Brit was recently arrested for a similar stunt, and the hazards of combining a very expensive drone with thousands of pyrotechnics are obvious. Still, Jos Stiglingh’s stunt went smoothly, bringing us this a spectacular footage from the midst of a fireworks display. No wonder it’s had over ten million views on YouTube.