Time-lapse photography was once almost exclusive to BBC nature documentaries, but since the advent of YouTube and Vimeo it has blown our minds every day. Film-makers have allowed us to see the northern lights dance across the sky; they've let us watch waves rise and fall on the sandy shores of Hawaii; and they've bowled us over with the mass of human bodies that traverse the streets of New York City each day.

If there's one time-lapse video you watch this week, though, it absolutely has to be this one. Creator Aaron Keigher says: "The world around us never stands still and it is this motion that gives Earth life... Far too few of us take a moment to see our universe in motion."

His stunning time-lapse video takes you from Big Sur in California to Antelope Canyon in Arizona, via San Francisco and Yosemite National Park.

Move from Aaron Keigher on Vimeo.