Every month we round up some of the best travel photography on image-selling website Picfair, and this month we've chosen to look at patterns. Below are 20 of the most striking pictures of patterns from all over the world, from Portugal to the USA. 

The Bull Ring, Birmingham, England

Bullring, Birmingham, England / Picfair / Allan MarshallBull ring by Allan Marshall / Picfair

San Francesco Basilica, Assisi, Italy

Franciscan friar walks in the cloisters of the San Francesco Basilica, AssisiIn the shadow of St. Francis by Michael Avory / Picfair

Henna from a Walima ceremony

Henna on hands, Walima ceremony#Love by Ayo Odumade / Picfair

Green chairs at Olympic Stadium, Munich, Germany

Chairs at Olympic stadium, Munich, GermanyBleachers by Oliver Hoffmann / Picfair

Conical hat maker, Vietnam

Conical hats, Vietnam, Asiaconical hat maker old women by JetHuynh / Picfair

Southwark, London, England

Office Block, Southwark, South London, EnglandOffice Block, London by Steve Meddle / Picfair

The Lotus Gate, Jaipur palace, India

Lotus Gate, Jaipur Palace, Rajasthan, IndiaLotus Gate by Andy Walker / Picfair

Cobblestones laid in wave patterns, Lisbon, Portugal

Cobblestones laid in wave patterns, Lisbon, PortugalCobblestones laid in wave patterns, Lisbon, Portugal by Carlos Sanchez Pereyra / Picfair

Bicycles parked outside a train station in Amsterdam, Holland

Bicycles in Amsterdam, HollandBicycles by Billy Sasa / Picfair

Indian block printing stamps

Indian block printing stamps used to make designs on fabricIndian block printing stamps by John S. Mitchell / Picfair

The Sahara, Morocco

Sahara, Morocco, AfricaTop of the world by Dominique Dubied / Picfair

The Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Sal flats, Salar de Uyuni, BoliviaSalt flat crossing by JJPerspectives / Picfair

Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Patterns of Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USAThe Veil by Alex cassels / Picfair

Zebras in the wild

Striking Zebra stripesHidin' by Pumidol Leelerdsakulvong / Picfair

Hill-tribe girls, Sa Pa, Vietnam

Hill-tribe girls from Sapa in VietnamHill-tribe girls by TTStock / Picfair

A condominium in Bangkok, Thailand

Residental condo in Bangkok, Thailand, AsiaRepeat by Thanapol Tontinikorn / Picfair

Cars for sale in Dubai

Cars ready to be sold in Dubai, UAECars in Dubai by mkbimaging / Picfair

Staircase in the Queen's House, Greenwich, London, England

The Queen's Stairs, Royal Museum Greenwich, London EnglandQueen's stairs by Lloyd / Picfair

A tattooed woman in Myanmar

Tattooed face, Myanmar, AsiaChin Woman by Wilfred Seefeld / Picfair

A decoratively patterned square in Olhao, Portugal

Olhao, Portugal, EuropeCrossing the Squares by Andy Walker / Picfair

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