Described as the "finest land of its size in the world" by Marco Polo, Sri Lanka attracts thousands of visitors each year. Sitting just above the equator it's a hot and humid place, brimming with exciting food, colours and culture. Travel photographer Andrew Lever shares his beautiful Sri Lanka images with us.

Travel photographer Andrew Lever spends his time capturing the world through a lens. It's taken him from his home turf in the New Forest, England, to the coast of Spain, and now finally Sri Lanka.

"I'd always wanted to go to Sri Lanka," he remembers. "It used to be called Ceylon and I remember as a kid seeing the picture on the tea that my mum used to buy. It always had a picture of these tea pickers on and that kind of stuck with me, so I decided to visit for three weeks."

Lever discovered a snapper's paradise. "You've got elephants walking along the beaches, you've got snake charmers turning up everywhere, monkeys jumping in and out of trees. You look in any direction and there's something going on. For a photographer, it's got to be one of the best places in the world to be."

Enamoured by the family of fishermen that worked on the beach near his hotel on the west coast, south of Colombo, he documented their laborious working day in this series of beautiful photographs:

More Sri Lanka images by Andrew Lever: 

Traditional wedding dancers

Traditional wedding dancers, Sri Lanka

Coconut gatherer in the palm trees

Coconut gatherer in palm trees, Sri Lanka

Elderly couple going to market

Man and woman on street, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Tuk tuk speeding in the monsoon

Tuk tuk, coastal Sri Lanka

Bath time for an elephant

Elephant taking a bath in Sri Lanka

Yoga on the rocks

Man on rocks, coastal Sri Lanka

To see more of Andrew's travel images go to or follow his blog on Tumblr. Explore more of Sri Lanka with the Rough Guide to Sri Lanka. Book hostels for your trip here, and don't forget to purchase travel insurance before you go.