This week news has broken that another major attraction has banned selfie sticks. Disney World are the latest to outlaw the controversial devices from their rides after Wimbledon – ever sticklers for tradition – kicked off the trend with plans to oust them from this summer's championship.

It's not just sporting events and theme parks either. The Guardian reports that both Coachella and Lollapolooza have banished the "wands of narcissism", while London's National Gallery has also drawn the line.

We have to admit, we're pretty happy to see the back of them. When people need reminding that taking a selfie mid-way round a roller-coaster is a bad idea, a craze has probably gone too far.

Yet some think this crackdown could be an overreaction. Selfie sticks have allowed travellers to capture some pretty cool pictures and videos – or at least the 12 million people who've watched this "epic three-year selfie" certainly think so.

What do you reckon? Should selfie sticks be banned at major attractions?