We're all familiar with it: that seemingly miles-long trudge, along travelators, around corners, into endless corridors and up escalators, just to reach the gate for your flight. It almost feels like a cruel joke, like you're being made to work for your holiday.

Thankfully, weary travellers will no longer have to haul their luggage through the airport before boarding their flight, because soon they'll be able to ride it.

No, it's not a joke: Chicago entrepreneur Kevin O’Donnell has created the world's only motorized suitcase. When you're tired of walking you can hop on and ride your way through the crowds – three times faster than walking speed.


While the Modobag might seem like some overpriced gimmick (at US$1495), the suitcase does have some genuinely useful features. Beyond the fact that you can ride it like a scooter (it has handle bars and footrests), the suitcase has 85% of the capacity of a standard carry-on, so you don't lose a huge amount of space to the motor, and it can charge your devices on the go through its USB ports. There's also the option – for an extra US$69 – to install tracking so you'll never need to worry about losing it.

The bag is available to pre-order now for shipping in January 2017, but the question remains: will people really ride a suitcase through an airport? Let us know what you think...