Education; noun; the act or process of acquiring knowledge.

Travel may just be the best education you can get.

Sitting at a desk studying page after page is only half the story; exploring the world can give you so much more than just knowledge.

You can learn about the geology of the Grand Canyon in books, but you won’t truly get an idea of its astonishing scale until you stand at its edge and watch the Colorado River snake its way into the distance.

What better way to pick up some Spanish, French or Italian than by immersing yourself into the local culture and chatting with locals over tapas, coffee or wine?

It’s not just the destination that’s bound to teach you something either. The journey will throw up new lessons every day. Practical skills like budgeting, time management and negotiation will be a few of the many challenges you’ll face as you travel through new countries, cities and environments.

Every traveller learns a little about themselves on each trip, too – the kind of lessons only the experience of travel can give you.

So where do you stand on this? Where did you learn more?