Just off the south of France, and closer to the coast of Italy, the small, mountainous island of Corsica lies in wait for the three million tourists that visit its shores each year. Few places in Europe have such varied landscapes, from sweeping white-sand beaches and deep gorges, to towering mountains and otherworldly coastal cliffs.

Corsica might just be your all-in-one European island break. Whether you’ve already visited, are planning to or have never even heard of Corsica, here are 23 pictures that’ll give you some serious wanderlust.

Corte Citadel at sunrise

Corte Citadel at sunrise, CorsicaDreamstime.com: Dominik Mich lek


Bastia in Corsica , FranceDreamstime.com: David Espin / Telemack

Bay of Calvi

Bay of Calvi in Corsica, FranceDreamstime.com: David Espin / Telemack

Vineyard Domaine de Torraccia

France, Corsica, vineyard Domaine de Torraccia

Ostriconi (Perajola) beach, Balagne

France, Corsica, Balagne, Ostriconi (Perajola) beach

Notre Dame de la Serra perched on mountain, Calvi

France, Corsica, Calvi, Notre Dame de la Serra perched on mountain

Genoese watchtower and Capo d’Orto peak, Porto

France, Corsica, Porto, view of village, Genoese watchtower and Capo d'Orto peak

San Michele de Murato (Pisan church), Murato, Nebbio (Nebbiu)

France, Corsica, Nebbio (Nebbiu), Murato, San Michele de Murato (Pisan church)

A winding stream at the foot of Monte Renoso

France, Corsica, Pozzi, winding stream at the foot of Monte Renoso


France, Corsica, Bavella

Calanches de Piana

France, Corsica, Calanches de Piana, with Reserve Naturel de Scandola in background

Speloncato from above, Balagne

France, Corsica, Balagne, Speloncato village, from above

Roccapina beach

France, Corsica, Roccapina beach

The view to Bastia from San Martino di Lota

France, Corsica, Bastia, view to Bastia from San Martino di Lota

Nonza village, Cap Corse

France, Corsica, Cap Corse, Nonza village

The eastern plains

France, Corsica, Eastern Plain, landscape with century (Mexican agave) plant

Cinqui Frati massif, Monte Cinto, Niolo (Niolu) Valley

France, Corsica, Cinqui Frati massif, Monte Cinto, Niolo (Niolu) Valley

 Lac de Nino, Haute-Corse

France, Corsica, Haute-Corse, Lac de Nino, glacial lake with mountain range in distance

The grey beach at Nonza

France, Corsica, Cap Corse, Nonza, grey beach contrasting with white surf from blue sea seen from steep cliffs France, Corsica, Cap Corse, Nonza beach, black sandy beach

Sunset over San Antonio village

France, Corsica, Balagne, sunset over San Antonio village

Les Iles Sanguinaires, Ajaccio

France, Corsica, Ajaccio, Les Iles Sanguinaires

Ostriconi (Perajola) beach

France, Corsica, Desert des Agriates, Balagne, Ostriconi (Perajola) beach

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