Vast, densely populated and brilliantly diverse, China is undoubtedly beguiling. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, it can feel as if the whole world is crammed into its busy cities. Yet there are mountains and plains so empty you'd think you were the only person on Earth. We've chosen 21 pictures of China by some of Picfair's best photographers to showcase the country's variety and beauty.

The Great Wall of China

Great wall of China, sunsetGreat Wall of China by Amanda Dawes / Picfair

Ancient loom weaving, Yangshuo County

Girl using traditional loom yangshuo, ChinaLocal girl with her chinese ancient loom, Yangshuo, China by davidhuiphoto / Picfair

Rice terraces, Longsheng

Rice fields, Longji Terrace, Longsheng, China Longji Terrace Field, Longsheng, China by davidhuiphoto / Picfair    

A young girl plays on a tricycle

Girl plays on Tricycle, ChinaA little girl playing with a tricycle, China by chi wen / Picfair    

Zhan Bridge, Qingdao

Zhan Bridge, Qingdao, ChinaZhan Bridge, Qingdao, China by davidhuiphoto / Picfair      

Yaks at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Yunnan Province

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, ChinaJade Dragon Snow Mountain, China by davidhuiphoto / Picfair

Woman and cat in Shangri-la City

Beautiful grandma and cat in Shangri La, ChinaBeautiful grandma and cat in Shangri-la, China by davidhuiphoto / Picfair

Muslim market in Xi'an

Muslim Chinese market, ChinaMuslim Chinese market by Guadalupe Plaza Petersen / Picfair

A wedding shoot in Fenghuang Ancient Town

Wedding photos Fenghuang ancient town ChinaWedding shooting in Fenghuang Ancient Town, China by davidhuiphoto / Picfair

Men playing chess, Dali

Man smoking and playing chess, ChinaChinese Chess Game by Katy Morrison / Picfair

Harvest in the countryside

Harvest in China, Chinese countrysideHarvest 2 by Alec Davidson / Picfair

Kids share juice boxes in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Chinese children share drinksInfants in Tsim Sha Tsui by Guadalupe Plaza Petersen / Picfair

Morning light at the pillars of Zhangjiajie

Amazing cliffs, ChinaRock Canyon, China by Cliff Fawcett / Picfair

Boats on the water in Yangshuo, Guilin

Yangshuo Guilin ChinaYangshuo, Guilin, China by davidhuiphoto / Picfair

Jiaxing, Zhejiang

Watering in the chinese revolutionary sites. ChinaWatering in the Chinese revolutionary sites by CHENG / Picfair

The Terracotta Army, Xi'an, Shaanxi

Terracotta Army, ChinaTerracotta Army by Rik / Picfair

Wujiaochang Station, Shanghai

Wujiaochang station, Beijing, ChinaWujiaochang Station by Chris Petersen-Clausen / Picfair

Beijing by night

Beijing Chaoyang district, ChinaBeijing Chaoyang District by Sena Filsoofi / Picfair

The Beijing opera

Man performing in Beijing opera, ChinaBeijing opera by Walter Wackerlig / Picfair

Woman cycling in Beijing

Dog riding in bicycle basket ChinaCompany by Maie Vaks / Picfair

Man eating skewers on street, Beijing

Man eating skewers, ChinaSkewers by Walter Wackerlig / Picfair

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