As the year draws to a close, we've been looking back at some of the most remarkable photography we've published in 2015. We're thrilled to have worked with so many fantastic photographers this year, and below is just a small selection of their incredible images.

A lion takes an afternoon rest, Uganda – Clare Wise de Wet 

Copyright Claire Wise de Wet

© Clare Wise de Wet

The northern lights appear at Jokulsárlón – Diana Jarvis

Aurora Borealis as seen from Jolulsárlón Glacier Lake, Iceland

© Diana Jarvis

A moment captured at the Goroka show, Papua New Guinea – Fabien Astre

Tribes in the Goroka Show, Papua New Guinea – Copyright Fabien Astre

© Fabien Astre

Low mist hangs across the Lake District – Jon Sparks

Light shines down on Kentmere from Kentmere Pike, Lake District, England© Jon Sparks

Ait Benhaddou in the sun, Morocco – Anthon Jackson

Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

© Anthon Jackson

Dusk falls over Paris – Kaamna Patel

Paris at dusk as seen from the Arc de Triomphe

© Kaamna Patel

Kyoto cherry blossom festival in full swing – Nick Jackson

Burning incense at the Kyoto Cherry Blossom festival, Japan© Nick Jackson

A glorious day on Bellows Beach, Hawaii – Dustin Wong

Bellows Beach in the Morning, Hawaii, USA

© Dustin Wong

Morning mist in Richmond, London – Jon Sparks

by Nick Jackson

© Jon Sparks

A young nun is all smiles, Bhutan – Margot Raggett

Bhutan Monk, copyright Margot Raggett

© Margot Raggett

Visitors enjoy Lake Braies, Italy – Kiki Deere

Lake Braies, Italian Alps – Kiki Deere

© Kiki Deere

The eerie ferris wheel in Pripyat, Ukraine – David de Rueda

#12 Child Dream – David de Rueda

© David de Rueda

Orkhon Valley stretches into the distance, Mongola – Nellie Huang

Mongolia's UNESCO heritage site, Orkhon Valley

© Nellie Huang

Floating past Antarctic ice sculptures – Nori Jemil

Ice sculptures, Antarctica, Nori Jemil

© Nori Jemil

Cartagena in miniature, Colombia – Matt Garceau

Cartagena, Colombia, South America

© Matt Garceau

Autumn colours, Finland – Tim Bird

Colourful waterfall, Finland, Europe

© Tim Bird

A woman dances in Arequipa, Peru – Kiki Deere

Traditional dress at Local Fiesta in Peru, by Kiki Deere

© Kiki Deere

Sunset in Aswan, Egypt – Anthon Jackson

Aswan Sunset, Egypt, Africa - Anthon Jackson

© Anthon Jackson

Festivities get underway in Nagaland, India – Diana Jarvis

Stone pulling ceremony at Viswema village, Nagaland, India

© Diana Jarvis