Incredible images of Afghanistan

By Lottie Gross
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“Afghanistan is possibly the most beautiful country in the world”. Those are the words of Steve McCurry, the renowned and respected photojournalist best known for his picture of ‘Afghan Girl’ – the famous green-eyed refugee whose image graced the covers of magazines and newspapers all over the world. After crossing the border from Pakistan over 30 years ago, McCurry brought the world the first images of the conflict in Afghanistan. Now, in a culmination of his past three decades’ work, he is showcasing some of the images he feels best represents all sides of Afghanistan; not just the war, but the beauty, the people and the culture.

In this short video, Steve McCurry recounts his experiences in this mysterious and unexplored nation, and shows us some of his best photos from Afghanistan.

Mazar e Sharif, 1992


Man in Bamiyan Mosque, 2006


 Horse and two towers at Band e Amir, 2002


 Mujahideen stand atop mountain in the Hindu Kush, 1984

Hazara People, 08/2006.

Afghan refugee, 1981


A young boy stands with his firearm, 1979



A farmer walks through fields, 2006


Camel caravan, 1980


Young men train for war, 1984


Man with cloudy beard, 1992


Salat at Blue Mosque in Mazar e Sharif, 1992

Hazrat Ali mosque in Mazar i Sharif, Afghanistan, 1992

Shiite Muslims during Ashura, 2002


Woman in canary burqa. 2002


Kuchi Nomads at prayer, 1992


Rebuilding a kiln at Kandahar, 1992


Father and son in Helmand Province, 1980


The road to Jalalabad, 1992


Children work in opium fields in Badakhshan, 1992


Father and daughter at home in Nuristan, 1992


Listen to Steve tell us more about his amazing photographs:

All images © Steve McCurry/ Magnum Photos. You can visit the image gallery in London until June 7 2014 at Beetles & Huxley, 3-5 Swallow St, London, W1B 4DE.

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