In a ground-breaking eco initiative, Paris is going car-free for the first time. Next week, on Sunday the 27th September, cars will be banned from the centre of the city from 11am to 6pm.

Despite the well-known Velib cycle-sharing scheme, Pais is struggling with pollution. The organisers hope the project will galvanise residents to think about how they are shaping the future of their city, explore new areas on on foot and teach kids how to cycle.

For those struggling to occupy themselves, they've also provided a helpful list of suggestions, including – true to French stereotype – organising a wine tasting to take advantage of a day free from the dangers of drink-driving.

But above all, there's a serious message: they hope that their "impossible dream come to life" will inspire other cities to follow in their footsteps. It's certainly an initiative we'd love to see rolled out around the world.

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