This summer, the Norwegian tourist board have taken a new approach to sharing their country’s magnificent landscapes. They’ve shunned slick ad campaigns in favour of enlisting the help of four woolly friends.

Erik, Frida, Lars and Kari are four sheep who’ve just landed the job of a lifetime – and their own Instagram account. Roaming free in four areas across the country, camera crew occasionally in tow, they’re showcasing Norwegian life and nature like never before.

After all, according to Visit Norway, these intrepid explorers see more of the country’s vast natural and cultural beauty than anyone else. So who better to take you on a tour?

….because when I say #SheepWithAView, I really, really mean it 😜 Jealous much?! -Frida. 🐏🇳🇴

A photo posted by 🇳🇴Frida|Erik|Kari|Lars🇳🇴 (@sheepwithaview) on

“Frida from Fjord Norway is an active explorer, who wants to reach as many majestic mountain tops as possible. She loves a good selfie and is a sworn metal fan.”

Beach hair, don’t care 😎😜. -Erik, #SheepWithAView 🐏🇳🇴

A photo posted by 🇳🇴Frida|Erik|Kari|Lars🇳🇴 (@sheepwithaview) on

“Erik from Southern Norway is a laidback sheep who truly enjoys the southern Norwegian vibe. His favorite pastime is to hang out on beaches.”

Now THIS is my kind of board meeting 😁😅. -Kari, #SheepWithAView 🐏🇳🇴

A photo posted by 🇳🇴Frida|Erik|Kari|Lars🇳🇴 (@sheepwithaview) on

“Kari from Northern Norway is an active and sporty sheep who just can’t sit still. She loves a good surf.”

When I say “I’m so hungry I could eat a house”, I mean it 😂 -Lars, #SheepWithAView 🐏🇳🇴

A photo posted by 🇳🇴Frida|Erik|Kari|Lars🇳🇴 (@sheepwithaview) on

Lars from Trøndelag is a traditional sheep who is most comfortable when things stay as they used to be. You can tell he’s a foodie, that’s why he pastures on the Golden Road.”

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