New business traveller networking app MileHi is raising some eyebrows among travellers.

MileHi aims to connect business travellers on the same flight for networking (or should we say, jetworking?) purposes. Before you fly, you download the app, enter your flight number and see a list of registered users on the same plane as you.

However, the app's innocent intentions have come under question – not least because of its suggestive name. Using swipe right or left movements you can connect with or dismiss other travellers at first sight – sound familiar?

Above the clouds

On their website, MileHi also suggest they intend to broaden the app's scope, not only targeting business people, but also singles. "Seen a pretty guy or gal heading your way?", they say, "Introduce yourself, break the ice and make a great first impression."

Once you've entered your details and got the list, communication can be carried out through either group or private chats, and arrangements to share taxis can be made alongside general networking.

The app saw a strong lift off when it was released in July, downloaded 3000 times within the first two weeks, but its final destination remains a matter of speculation...