White, sometimes stained floor tiles and a plain, usually graffitied grey door: I think we can all agree, this is an accurate description of your average toilet – pretty boring, no? Have you ever been having a tinkle, twiddling your thumbs and thought to yourself: “You know what this toilet needs? A good view!” Well, you’re in luck. Toilet enthusiast Luke Barclay, from looswithviews.com, has put together entire books showcasing toilets with fantastic vistas, from the tops of mountains to the city centres of the world. He describes it as “a global movement dedicated to the search for views from toilets”. So, without further ado-do (sorry), here is a selection of the best.

1. View of Mount Foraker from Mount McKinley, Alaska

Photography by Patrick Baumann

2. The view while seated Copeland Island Bird Observatory, Northern Ireland

Photography by Neville Mckee

3. View of Mount Everest from Tengboche Monastery latrine, Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

Photography by Anna Maria S. Jorgensen
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4. View of the Zambezi river, Old Mondoro Bush Camp, Zambia

Photography by Lana De Villiers 

5. Mount Sinai, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

Photography by Chris Belsten
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6. View from the urinal in the Warner Stand, Lords Cricket Ground, UK

Photography by Luke Barclay
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7. Mount Whitney, Sierra Nevada, California

Photography by Larry Mah
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8. Thiksey Buddhist Monastery, Ladakh, India

Photography by Sourav Basu
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9. Near Salar de Uyuni, Andean High Plateau, Bolivia

Photography by Maxime Renaudin
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10. Wolwedans Lodge, NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia

Photography by Tracey Garrett

11. Summit of Croagh Patrick, County Mayo, Ireland

Photography by Luke Barclay
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All photos courtesy of Luke Barclay from looswithviews.com

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