If you're a shameless selfie snapper we've got good news: it turns out you might just have a better memory than those who don't turn the lens on themselves.

In a study dubbed the Science of Memories, commissioned by HomeAway, researchers found that travellers who take selfies and photos while on holiday are 40% more likely to remember their trip. While it may seem obvious, it's an important figure for anyone looking to justify those self-indulgent snaps.

Selfie in the forestPixabay / CC0

The research suggested that if you want to create lasting memories, you should post your photos to Instagram rather than Facebook. Those who use Instagram are supposedly 24% more likely to remember their holidays with clarity than Facebook users.

Finally, the study advises avoiding even just one hour of work while you're away – those who don't are 43% more likely to have trouble remembering their trip. So there's a lesson for you: step away from the laptop, get out your phone and get Instagramming! Or, you could do something completely radical and take a digital detox to see what life without the lens is really like.

Featured image Pixabay / CC0.